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House Care Services

With an over 10 years experience we offer the total house care solutions that handles all your home needs and repairs. We provide affordable monthly or annual service packages that include repairs, cleaning, yard work, and
special business projects.

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Keep it clean

Cover all cleaning needs of your house, apartment or villa with our proficient and prompt cleaning team.

Protect your property

Distance make it difficult to maintain a proper home. We are here to ensure that your house stays safe during all year.

Take advantage

Are you thinking of making some profits from your property? Check our business plan!

Repair and maintenance

All your property repairs, installations and improvements at one maintenance service package.


Enjoy efficiency and effectiveness 

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We build personal trust and credibility

Our trusted house care managing covers the wide range of works that any property needs. Contact us to make your house care plan, inside and out, from home maintenance and maid services to household repairs, yard work, and even emergency services.

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House Care Services and more.
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Skopelos island, Northrern Sporades
Magnesia Greece