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About us

We are locals and as property owners we experience the burden of housing maintenance works. Knowing the peculiarities of island life and the great demands that works of a house have, we organize efficiently cleaning, maintenance and keyholding services. We communicate with our clients to create custom plans for each service, ensuring the desired results for their homes on an ongoing basis.

  • Preserve your home's value
  • Improve the function of your house
  • Stay informed about any process
  • Create stable relationships with local experts
  • Free yourself from heavy to-do lists
  • Fully enjoy your home and lifestyle 

Whether it’s a small traditional house or a luxury villa that needs attention, we can help you keep it clean, reserve its functionality, obtain security, streamline the surroundings and create a more beautiful, relaxing and efficient environment. Ιf circumstances are favorable we will design a business plan with its profitability possibilities.


Here are some of the properties whose owners trusted our services

Blue Cottage

Country house - Full Service Package

Villa Galazopetra

Cozy villa - Online Management

La Belle Merle

Small country house - Full Service Package

Kastanies Country House

Country house - Online Management

Tzeni's House

Small house - Online Managment

Villa Averto

Luxury villa - Cleaning Package & Online Management

Santa Marina Villa

Country villa - Online Managment

Villa Minoas

Country villa - Cleaning Package & Online Management

Maritime House

Traditional house - Full Service Package

Green Yard Apartment

Cozy apartment - Online Management

Niki's Traditional House

Traditional house - Online Managment

Blue Emerald Villa

Luxury villa - Cleaning Package & Online Management

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