Keyholder Services

Maintain security

Protect your property

A complete homeowner service mostly for part-time residents. You can be confident that we will take care of your property in a timely and cost effective manner.

Trust us with your spare keys:

⦿   We provide a fast response whenever our intervention to your property is required. Our primary service is to access your house, assess the situation and handle any escalation according to your instructions.

⦿   We are 24h available to visit your place, in your absence, to meet and grant access to renters, friends, workers or installers but also attend the premises for important deliveries and mail collection.
⦿   Weekly based visits for general inspections, checking all the devices, electrical appliances and watering plants. Looking for documents or items you left behind.

⦿   Routine visits are scheduled after storms and power outage in order to check the house. Any repair work is carried out after we inform you via email (including photos). We can do the repairs ourselves or recommend solutions utilizing local technicians. We also stay and oversee the work before lock up.

⦿   We take over all the preparation works of your house for your return from time away (cleaning services included). Additional assistance to your friends or guests that use the premises. 

Exceptional care

Our service is based on specialized checklist, unique for every property, aiming to make sure that all is in order, interior and exterior.

A valuable service that helps you to deterrent to potential wears and can prevent major damages.